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Buying, selling or thinking about remodeling your home? January 28, 2009

I just found out about EcoBrokers (certified RE brokers) – they can help you buy or sell your house with a “Green” emphasis.  A link from a local EcoBroker took me to a article on website I haven’t seen for a while – the Sierra Club.  The article reviews many steps you can take to remodel your house to make it more energy efficient and therefore – “Greener” whether you are thinking about selling or staying put.  We have a link on our website to resources where you can find green and beautiful fixtures, finishes and other products to help you remodel “Greener”.

It seems that I keep reading about more and more industries that have people that are not only eco-conscious, but can be certified!  In the building industry the USGBC sets LEED standards;  that was truly a grass-roots effort.  Now it really has cache for buildings (commercial and residential) to be LEED certified and a person to be accredited.  Take a look at the Green Home Guide that the USGBC put out for some tips for your home.  Enjoy.Green Home Guide


January 20, 2009

It’s so good to find people who actually do green remodeling on their own.  We enjoy passing on our green information on products and methods and get a kick out of having clients request green materials. I just read a blog posted by Green Mama – love her attitude.


…and now, a little more on color. January 17, 2009

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On a Mazatlan StreetOn a street in Mazatlan

It seems that January is the month to talk about color.  Maybe it’s that we feel the need for brightness and color in the month that can be the darkest and dreariest.  Pittsburgh Paints has come out with their “Hacienda Colors”.  The colors are warm and evoke the sunshine of Mexico.   I managed to miss Portland’s massive snow storm in December —- we left JUST before the BIG storm and were sitting in the sun in Mazatlan and Oaxaca.  I can attest to the warmth of the colors and how inviting they feel.  But, you can bring that warmth to your space by choosing a color palette like the Hacienda colors.  You can also choose your color scheme in no-VOC paints, like Benjamin Moore’s EcoSpec.  Enjoy!

Whimsical animals full of colorWhimsical animals full of color


Up-to-date or Over-the-top January 16, 2009

I was watching Color Splash the other night. The host was taking a lovely pre WWII home and painting the moldings and built-ins lime green. The worst part of this was what I was thinking:  “Wow! That looks really good.” Okay, to my own defence, it was not just the lime green, but the whole color scheme.


Is it okay to do this to these old houses? Or should we really be conservitive like This Old House. I guess my answer is that if you like it, then it can’t be that bad. And if it looks good–then what the hey! Go for it. In this day and age, I think we need more color. So call your color designer and start splashing!


Remodeling that can help you sell your house – even in today’s market January 8, 2009

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I was reading my email this morning, after putting down the newspaper and its only distressing news, and came across a list from BHG on “Projects That Pay”.  As we all know, when the same information keeps repeating, year after year, there must be some value in it.  A small addition, to make a space a little grander – inside or outside can help resale value. Even today, if you can’t afford to add a room or completely redo a kitchen or bath, there are many smaller projects that will help to perk up a room: new paint, new hardware, new fixtures.  Slightly more expensive, but it instantly upgrades a kitchen or bath, are new counters or flooring.

This is a starting point for thinking about selling your home.  And if you are not ready to sell now, you might think about these projects – enjoy the benefits of some updating and have a better chance of selling when you are ready.