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Remodeling that can help you sell your house – even in today’s market January 8, 2009

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I was reading my email this morning, after putting down the newspaper and its only distressing news, and came across a list from BHG on “Projects That Pay”.  As we all know, when the same information keeps repeating, year after year, there must be some value in it.  A small addition, to make a space a little grander – inside or outside can help resale value. Even today, if you can’t afford to add a room or completely redo a kitchen or bath, there are many smaller projects that will help to perk up a room: new paint, new hardware, new fixtures.  Slightly more expensive, but it instantly upgrades a kitchen or bath, are new counters or flooring.

This is a starting point for thinking about selling your home.  And if you are not ready to sell now, you might think about these projects – enjoy the benefits of some updating and have a better chance of selling when you are ready.


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