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Buying, selling or thinking about remodeling your home? January 28, 2009

I just found out about EcoBrokers (certified RE brokers) – they can help you buy or sell your house with a “Green” emphasis.  A link from a local EcoBroker took me to a article on website I haven’t seen for a while – the Sierra Club.  The article reviews many steps you can take to remodel your house to make it more energy efficient and therefore – “Greener” whether you are thinking about selling or staying put.  We have a link on our website to resources where you can find green and beautiful fixtures, finishes and other products to help you remodel “Greener”.

It seems that I keep reading about more and more industries that have people that are not only eco-conscious, but can be certified!  In the building industry the USGBC sets LEED standards;  that was truly a grass-roots effort.  Now it really has cache for buildings (commercial and residential) to be LEED certified and a person to be accredited.  Take a look at the Green Home Guide that the USGBC put out for some tips for your home.  Enjoy.Green Home Guide


2 Responses to “Buying, selling or thinking about remodeling your home?”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I am pretty interested in building our dream house with an idea of green living. However, I haven’t found a contractor who is applying this idea here in Asia. i hope many would adapt the same brilliant idea here.

  2. greenandmilligan Says:

    I would think that there are some architects and designers in Asia that are thinking “Green”. You might show them information you have and work together to build it as sustainably as possible.

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