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COLOR – where and what? October 1, 2013

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It’s so hard to choose “the right color”, that many default to a version of off-white (including me.)  Then I find a color – but is it right? –  will I like it? – will it provoke the right feeling for the room?

I found a great infographic on one of my favorite websites – – from Design55,  that shows the emotions of color.

It seems to be a wonderful guide to the use and choices of color in the home.  Go to Green Design and Remodeling’s facebook page to see the article:

And remember (even though it requires more work) – the color can be changed.


Alhambra September 26, 2013

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Balance is something I inherently strive for in spaces. This is a wonderful example of harmony of space and light. The Lion Fountain was undergoing restoration, but wouldn’t it have been fantastic if there was water flowing from and to those beasts!


Getting Back In The Rhythm Of The Seasons September 25, 2013

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Sometimes the best laid plans………. The change of seasons, the start of school – it seems like a good time to get back into posting on my blog.  My plan is to post a picture of a remodel of a kitchen or bath, a fascinating building or relay some pertinent information on remodeling daily.  But today, I found an outdoors picture that is awesome and majestic.

This picture was taken in September, 2005.  My father wanted to see Denali, and so I jumped at the chance to travel with him and maybe get a peek of the peak.  We were blessed with a crystal clear view on our day trip from Fairbanks to Anchorage. I learned later that pilots were circumnavigating the mountain two and three times as it was such a rare day in Alaska.  I hope you enjoy this view as much as I did.


Weathered Barn September 24, 2013

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Weathered Barn

Wandering around the grounds of a Bed and Breakfast, I was intrigued by the sturdiness of this structure. It reminds me to think about how we build, how it will weather, and how it will get better with time. The timelessness of beauty.


Pick of the week: Aura Paint March 21, 2009

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This weeks pick of the week is Aura Paint by Benjamin Moore. It has it’s own color deck that is designed for interior houses and makes picking several colors fast and easy. Once on and set, it is practilly bullet proof–even in flat. And the best part is that it has very low VOCs–making it the perfect “green” paint.

Faux Paint Design by Green & Milligan Design
Faux Paint Design by Green & Milligan Design


Pick of the week March 12, 2009

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Okay–I have decided to start doing a pick of the week just to keep me blogging.

My first pick of the week is one of the most specified materials in my career: Marmoleum flooring from Forbo.

It comes in great colors, feels warm to walk on, hides dirt and is easy to clean. You can do really fun designs and use it on the walls, or on a counter. Great product!!



How Hiring Small Businesses Helps the Economy and the Community February 10, 2009

An Opinion Article by Daniel Milligan

Our government is struggling with the economy. It is trying to get people back to work and start the money flowing. The problem is that government can’t do it alone–the economy needs your help too. Wondering what you can do? Spend money on small businesses.

You hear it all the time on the news: Small business drives our economy. It’s true. We are a nation built on small business. The media says this in one breath, and in the next talks about Corporate America and Wall Street, and then we forget all about small businesses. But try not to forget–they provide more jobs and contribute to the flow of money more than anyone else.

I am going to give you an example from my own small business. I help run a small remodeling company that does design/build in Portland, Oregon. When you hire me, this is what you are doing:

First off, you are putting money in my pocket–thank you. Second, when I start putting a job together I go to other small businesses. So for example, lets say you want to remodel your kitchen. I am going to go out and hire someone to do your demo, frame your walls. install your sheetrock, cabinets, flooring, tile, sink, lights, and than paint your new kitchen. That is nine other small business that you just put to work because you hired me.

This means that those companies can support their employees by paying them with your money. Your money becomes their money and their money is than flowing again and your community’s economy is working.

This is true for other small companies as well. Think about the chain of people you effect when you go into your local coffee shop: the baristas, the building owner, the drivers for their deliveries, and their suppliers. And this is just the upfront business, there is more going on behind the scenes.

Small businesses hire other local small businesses to do business with. In my company, we hire graphic designers, print houses, search engine optimizers and a host of other small companies to help with our marketing, insurance, and accounting. In turn they are hiring local people and talent and again the economy is working.

So next time when you have a choice of going to Lowes, Home Depot, Starbucks, or even the Apple Store, look to see if there is a small business to support instead. Go to your local hardware store, or coffee shop or independent computer store. When you support them, they support others in the community and in turn it will help support you too.