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Universal design experts break down results from consumer poll November 17, 2014

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Food for thought for all of us, no matter what age we are or what ages live in our house. Many of these ideas can be incorporated without doing a major remodel.

NARI National News

What are the top universal design features consumers want in their homes? The latest consumer poll on asked homeowners to choose which feature they would be willing to include in their remodeling projects. Grab bars and barrier-free shower in the bathroom was the top response at 63 percent, but NARI Universal Design Certified Professionals (UDCP) know accessibility extends far beyond the bathroom. See the entire breakdown of universal design features from the poll: UD Data NEW2

Darius Baker, MCR, CKBR, UDCP, president of D & J Kitchens & Baths, Inc., based in Sacramento, Calif., says he includes universal design elements in all his projects, and Katie Hurst, CKBR, UDCP, of Hurst Total Home Inc., had two projects honored in the 2013 CotY Universal Project Recognition program both in the Entire House Under $250,000 category. As experts in universal design, Baker and Hurst shed light on the results of the poll from working…

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Landscape architects, remodelers team up to ensure the outside is as beautiful as the inside March 19, 2014

Landscape architects, remodelers team up to ensure the outside is as beautiful as the inside.


Wondering about the cost of a new bathroom? March 9, 2014

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Wondering about the cost of a new bathroom?

Click on the highlighted title above to link to the Houzz article.

The author explains a multitude of options for choosing how much you want to do in a bathroom remodel.  Is it budget, age of house, or how long you are planning to stay in your house?  Here are some, but maybe not all, answers for you.


Too young for Universal Design? Not really. October 9, 2013

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Click on the link to see an article about incorporating Universal Design – I like to call it Adaptive Use.

We tend to think of ourselves as forever young,  but the years catch up with us surprisingly fast and, before you know it, the stairs take longer, the microwave seems to be higher, and door knobs seem to be harder to open.  A remodeling project to get your house ready for aging can be simple and planned.  It can be as simple as changing door knobs to levers and light switches to rockers or you can start thinking of changing door widths and entries.  There are a myriad of changes you can make to be able to stay in your house as long as physically possible.  Why not enjoy life for a very long time!


If buildings could talk, what would they say? October 8, 2013

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“The Treasury” is carved out of a sandstone cliff in Petra, Jordan.   It is best known as the secret temple that Indiana Jones rode out of in the last scene in the movie, Indian Jones and the Last Crusade.  But it is not a secret temple, it is one room carved into the cliff with an amazing facade many stories high.  History tells us that it was originally a mausoleum, carved into the sandstone in the late 1st century.  Lore tells that later it was used as a place to hide stolen goods high up on the facade, which would have only been accessible from the outside – hence the name “The Treasury.”  So, what is the real story?  If only it could talk – the people that were buried there, the footsteps in the single room, the stolen loot found.

Traveling to archeological sites, I often find myself wondering about the people that lived, played, worked there.  It’s wonderful to walk in their footsteps, but, what were they thinking, saying, hoping?  The buildings (or parts of buildings) can show us what they built and give us a peek into their lives, but there is so much more.  If only the buildings could talk.

In remodeling projects, I have found old newspapers inside walls and uncovered old wallpaper behind kitchen cabinets.  It gives us an insight to the people that lived there, maybe generations ago.

Maybe putting together a memory box and leaving it inside a wall will give someone, later on, a view into years past.  What will you leave for future generations to find?  What would you put in that box?


The Cost of Remodeling October 3, 2013

NE Kitchen

Everyone wonders what their project will cost.  Will I be able to afford what I want to do?  If I have a budget, what can I get for it?  Will it cost more?  Remodeling Magazine provides a great Cost vs. Value report every year that can give you a very good idea of what remodeling projects cost in every area of the country.  For instance, a midrange, major kitchen remodel in Portland can easily cost $55,000 according to the Remodeling 2012–13 Cost vs. Value Report (  Take a look at their charts to get an idea of costs vs. what you might recoup at resale.  You can also compare your city to the area or the national average.


Gaudi’s Barcelona masterpiece October 2, 2013

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Again today, I am linking you to Green Design’s facebook page to view a video about the Basílica de la Sagrada Família.  Gaudi started the structure many years ago and it is still in progress.  This video takes it to what it may look like when finished.  Enjoy the trip into the future!